Harp In LA is happy to provide you with assistance in financing a Dusty Strings harp as well as any of the used instruments located at our studio shown on our Used Listings site.* We can calculate your approximate payments and have credit approval normally within 1 business day after receiving your credit application.  Depending on the model, some monthly payments are close to the amount of a monthly harp rental payment. 

Credit approval is based on credit history, so if your credit is good (or you apply with a co-signer) then you can decide to put nothing down, 10% down, 50% down, whatever you want. Bear in mind, the more you put down, the less interest you'll pay and the lower your monthly payment will be. You can choose terms up to 10 years in most cases and also note, you can payoff the loan whenever you like with no penalty fee. Here's some facts:

Financing is available to anyone living in the contiguous United States.

Any shipping and insurance fees local sales tax  or credit card fees (when applicable) can also be financed.

All financing requests are approved by Allegro Acceptance Financing. 
The personal information asked during your finance application is kept confidential between you and Allegro Acceptance. HILA has no influence to the outcome of an application's approval. 

Credit approval remains valid for 30 days from date of approval. If after 30 days an instrument has not yet been financed, a new application must be completed and approved.

There are no prepayment penalties and interest is accumulated on the balance owing only.

First payment begins approximately 30 to 45 days after the loan terms have commenced. You tell us when each month is convenient for you to pay.

* Used instruments listed by a private party on our Used Listings site are not permitted for financing. 
Used instruments  available at the HILA Studio are available for purchase permitted financing (pending approval), however, local sales tax does apply.

A Pre-Qualify allows you to know if you qualify for financing without going through a credit rating. Download and complete this application form and email it to HARP IN LA. Pre-Qualify results normally arrive within 24 hours. Pre-Qualify will confirm the amount you can finance between $2,000.00 - $10,000.00. Once you know that you are qualified you have up to 20-30 days to apply for financing. If you receive a message that the application cannot be completed or requires additional information, don't worry. Contact HILA and let us know. It could be simply that a security follow-up is required or approval from you to do a credit check.  

Pre-Qualify allows you to know if you qualify for financing. If you are ready to purchase an instrument OR you would like to finance more than $10,000.00, let HILA know what harp you'd like to purchase and we'll get right to the application procedure. Download and complete this application form, and email it to HARP IN LA. Results should arrive within 24 hours. 

To complete financing, HILA will ask you what terms (how many months) you'd like your financing to be set up with, what day of the month you'd like payments to begin and if you would like to be set up with auto-payments from your bank, a feature which gives you a lower interest rate. (Auto-payment rates require a copy of the ACH information found on the bottom of your check.). As well, we require to see some form of identification such as a California Driver's License (CDL).

Once approved, the harp is yours!

Any questions, please contact Heidi directly via e-mail or phone 818-495-4652.

Up to 2 years - 9.24% (7.99% with Auto Pay)
Up to 7 years - 9.99% (8.74% with Auto Pay)
Up to 10 years - 10.99% (9.74 with Auto Pay)

These examples reflect financing with AutoPay interest rates. Call or email HARP IN LA if you would like a more specific breakdown of payment amounts. Local sales tax or any possible shipping costs are not reflexed in these examples.

Ravenna 26 Harp Package  
6 months - 2 year financing: $77.00
Up to 5 year financing: $31.00*

Ravenna 34 Harp Package  
6 months - 2 year financing: $126.00
Up to 7 year financing: $50.00
Up to 10 year financing: $37.00

Crescendo 34 Harp Package
6 months - 2 year financing: $168.00
Up to 7 year financing: $60.00
Up to 10 year financing: $49.00
FH36S Harp Package in Bubinga
6 months - 2 year financing:  $299.00
Up to 7 year financing:  $106.000
Up to 10 year financing:$ 87.00

*By law, financing is only available to residents of the United States over the age of 18 years. Interest rates and payments shown above are approximate subject to change. Amount financed must calculate to a monthly minimum payment of $30.00. Contact HILA for more information and availability.