HILA's used accessories listing web page is brand spanking new and looking for people to take advantage of this free resource. CLICK HERE to see our  USED ACCESSORIES LISTINGS link.

By requesting a used item listing on our Used Accessories Listings, HARP IN LA will create a minimal-written post which will appear on a special used accessories page on our web site and in our Used Listings newsletters. All interested parties to the item will contact you, the owner, directly.

HARP IN LA (HILA) will not take a commission nor a fee for our work in promoting your item through our ever-growing focused social media and mail list. You, the owner, must notify HILA when your item has sold so we may remove the item from our web site.

No images are allowed on HILA's Used Accessories Listings web site, so be prepared to send images to interested individuals who may contact you directly about your used item.

Please note HILA requires that each used accessories listing include the following information:

1. Item for sale or to give-away.* 
2. Asking price: A dollar amount or FREE (if say, you are selling a pile of books, state the total amount for all the books).
3. State if the asking price includes shipping costs (i.e. are you willing to ship your item).
4. Location
5. Contact info: Phone # and/or email address.

Please send HARP IN LA the above information and we will create a listing for you. Below is a sample of what your item listing should look like:

Manhasset Portable Music Stand, like new. 
Asking: $10.00. Able to ship, purchaser pays all costs. 
Location: Toluca Lake, CA
Contact info: Phone: 213-123-4567 Email:

Once you have approved the listing, HILA will begin promoting your item/s. Below are some of the categories of items for sale through the Used Accessories Listings.

Dollies and Harp Carts
Cartons and Covers
Music Stands and Lights
Benches and Seats
Sheet Music, Music Books and Books about Music
Tuners and Metronomes
Misc. Teaching Material
Baubles, Curios and Adornments

* HARP IN LA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of neither your listing nor the items described, or for issues which may concern the sale of your item with an individual. HARP IN LA does not assure when or if your item will be purchased from the listing. HARP IN LA has the right to limit listings to what we feel is an appropriate item to be placed on the Used Accessories Listings web site, as well as, the number of listings an individual is allowed to have at one time. HARP IN LA'S Used Accessories Listings web site does not include harps. Click here to find out more about our Used Harps Listings. 

Any questions, please contact Heidi directly at our phone, (818) 495-4652 or email