A steady rise of interest has been taking place with Dusty Strings' Serrana 34 harp ever since its official release back in 2017. The harp was initially created to fill a niche in the Latin world of music, however, harpists and musicians have discovered that the Serrana 34 has a great deal to offer players from various musical backgrounds, with many musicians now, literally, taking their music anywhere they want. 

Take it anywhere because the Serrana is super light. And with it's two built-in extendable legs, there is no need to worry about where to sit - you can play the Serrana standing up! The Serrana has a lighter string tension and a closer string spacing than other models to move quickly and reach octaves with ease. The sound is rich, clear, and with the optional installed pick-up, playing in almost any situation is altogether do-able. 

The Serrana 34's affordable price has allowed some schools to increase instruments in their harp programs or mariachi bands. In addition, the number of harpists using this model for busking and public playing has risen. The Serrana can take you anywhere. 

The Serrana 34 harp weighs a little over 19 lbs. with its extendable legs. It offers a lower string tension and closer string spacing typical of Latin harps. The harp is built to Dusty Strings' high quality standards and can withstand the everyday bumps and bruises of a traveling musician.

The result is a harp with a big, open voice on a very portable, sturdy and affordable instrument. It is perfect for anyone who yearns to play a Latin style harp and also fabulous for those who play lever harp seeking an instrument with light string tension and less weight.

34 strings, 4 1/2 octaves, C to A
Weight: approx. 19.5 lbs.(without legs)
Standard Burgundy red finish on sound box, neck and pillar.
Optional Ebony finish on sound box, neck and pillar
Full set of Loveland sharping levers.
Carbon fiber pillar.
Deluxe padded case.
Adjustable height for various age groups either sitting or standing. 

PACKAGE PRICE: $3,645.00
Extra string set: $227.00 
Optional Ebony finish: currently no charge
Optional black stand with 5" 8" or 12" legs: $185.00
Optional factory-installed P25 pick-up: $445.00

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