The Lyon & Healy Company, established in 1864 by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Healy, began building harps in 1889. Within a few short years, the company became a giant in the music world, selling sheet music, pianos, organs, victrolas, as well as their own line of Lyon & Healy instruments, which included harps. In 1922, Lyon & Healy became the first Chicago company to sponsor a commercial radio broadcast, making Lyon & Healy a household name. 

The harps built by Lyon & Healy were quickly recognized as the professional standard for musicians performing in symphony orchestras. By 1895, the Style 23 pedal harp with its distinctive gold crown was a part of almost every symphony and operatic orchestra across the world.

By the 1970’s, harps made by Lyon & Healy were in high production. The classic Style 23, the Princess Louise (the Style 30), the Salzedo, the Troubadour, and the Style 100 were in constant demand. The harp division of Lyon & Healy had become so renowned that the company began to focus its efforts exclusively on the manufacturing and sale of harps. During the 1980’s enhancements in technology allowed Lyon & Healy to significantly reduce the long wait time for a pedal harp. The company also introduced one of its best selling models, the Style 85.

Lyon & Healy remains one of the world’s premiere harp manufacturers, continuing to handcraft their harps in the original factory west of the Chicago Loop.  Original founder Patrick Healy pushed the company to continuously improve their pedal and lever harps. The quality and craftsmanship demanded by Healy in the early days of production continues to define the instruments produced today, more than 150 later.  

Lyon & Healy Harps continues to maintain the balance of craftsmanship and innovation as it develops new methods, materials, and technology to create better instruments and improve the craft of harp creation. The company is careful never to sacrifice quality for the sake of cost.The belief that an instrument shall be an extension of the musician, that the instrument speak to and for the individual artist, is something Lyon & Healy Harps continually strives for in their instruments.

A Lyon & Healy harp is created for the harpist that demands an instrument with even, full resonance, clarity and carrying ability. The distinct Lyon & Healy sound continues to be highly regarded throughout the world in concert halls, music schools, and private homes.