There are two options HILA offers to those interested in selling a used instrument.

HILA is always happy to take a harp on consignment. The harp is placed on our studio floor in Pasadena, CA for anyone interested to come see and play. HILA will create a Used Listing, which includes all the benefits mentioned below for a Used Listing (less the price).

Before being placed on our floor, the instrument must be fully strung, in playable condition and have received a regulation by a certified technician within a decent amount of time prior to being placed on consignment (contact Heidi in regards to this).  Our consignment fee is based upon a small percentage of the end sale price. All payments are payable directly to the owner. Please contact HILA for more detailed information on what you should know before placing your harp on consignment at our studio.

By placing your instrument through our Used Harps Listings you will have a written web post with up to ten images appearing on our web site. The harp remains with the owner and all interested parties are to contact the owner directly.

HARP IN LA does not take a commission, only a one-time set up fee for our work in promoting your instrument through our ever-growing focused social media and teacher lists. Listings approved are placed on our web site once all the information on the listing has been confirmed by you and receipt of payment has cleared. Payment is via personal check. Please contact us when your instrument has sold and we will remove your listing. Please contact HILA for more detailed information required to create a listing for your harp.

HARP IN LA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of your listing nor items described, nor for issues which may concern the sale of your instrument. As well, there is no way to insure when and to whom a harp will finally be purchased. Again, be fair with your price listing and it will sell.

Please contact us  if you have questions or would like to place a listing.

Click here to view our Used Harps Listings web page.