Built in 1978, this lovely Salvi Minerva is being sold by its original owner, a professional harpist, and has been well-maintained and serviced regularly. The harp's sound beautifully projects a warm, round tone in the upper register and has a large bass, characteristics similar of Salvi harps from this era. This harp was well played and loved. Listen to audio clip below.

Cosmetically, the harp is good. Some scrapes on the front of the column and a few dings on the base from being moved about from gig to gig. Bass wires installed and full regulation performed by harp technician, Joe Urban in September, 2023.

A progression body base marking was also updated from it's last marking done in 2013. The base has moved 1/8" in the past 10 years. This movement is reflected in the lower asking price. However, it's hard to say how many years it may be before a new base frame will be required. Even so, the harp is considered in good condition, and quite playable.

Includes a well-worn wood bench and wooden stand. 

This harp would be best as a stay-at-home harp, or at least be limited to performances requiring very, very minimal moving.

Natural finish
47 strings: 00G – 7C
Height: 75”
Width: 39.5”Weight: 88 lbs.
Soundboard Width: 22.5”
Included: some extra strings, a wooden bench and stand.
(Technical details are approximate)  

Asking Price: $10,500.00