This sweet FH36S was purchased new
in 1997. Owner used the instrument regularly for weddings and public events. Played less frequently the past several years. It has been kept and maintained in good condition. Slight dings normal for a harp of this age. Made of bubinga rosewood with a tiger-striped maple veneer sound board.

Rich, full voice throughout with deep resounding bass and bright upper register, this harp’s responsiveness make it a joy to play.

Some of the lower brass eyelets are cracked through the soundboard, a common occurrence for an instrument of this period. It is repairable by any harp technician or luthier.

Includes a complete set of strings, a tuning key and a Barcus-Berry internal pick-up ( there is no case).

Bubinga rosewood
36 strings: 1C - 6C
Height: 51" from back of harp
Weight: 31 lbs
Includes: full Loveland levers, tuning key, full set of strings and a Barcus-Berry internal pick-up with connector for an amplifier. No Case.

Asking Price: $4,000.00