LYON & HEALY STYLE 15 (46) PEDAL HARP #7983-15


Built in 1979, this elegant Style 15 pedal harp has a beautiful, warm and clear tone quality that is very even throughout all registers. 
This instrument is a stunning example of what makes a Style 15 such a sought after model!

It is the size of a semi-grand with a straight soundboard, making it lighter and easier to move while still possessing the classic Lyon and Healy sound quality.  

A complete regulation and inspection made June, 2019 by Joe Urban, the harp is in extremely good condition. The harp has a big sound, for a straight soundboard, with no clicking or buzzing.

With a tone full and rich, this harp is perfect someone looking for a slightly smaller sized instrument with a big voice.

46 strings: 0G – 7D
Height: 69”
Weight: 65.5 lbs
Figured maple body, natural finish, fluted column and polished brass action plates.
Price includes tuning key (no cover). 

A new Lyon & Healy black dust cover can be purchased from HILA for $383.00

Asking price: $12,800.00