LYON & HEALY STYLE 100 #17748


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Purchased new in 2011 this harp has an impressive full and bright sound. Owner upgraded to another instrument and has decided to sell.

This harp has been regulated, maintained, tuned and played on a more than regular basis. 

A few dings and a small dent noticed near the mid sound hole. Otherwise the harp is in extremely good condition. Last regulated by Joe Urban in July, 2017.

Perfect for a young student or an adult student or as a second instrument for a professional due to its impressive voice.

LYON & HEALY STYLE 100 (47) #17748
Mahogany finish
Height: 75" (including brass crown)
Weight: 78 lbs
Soundboard width: 22"
Extreme width: 39"
Includes black Lyon & Healy dust cover, ergonomic tuning key and brass crown.

Asking price: $18,500.00