DUSTY STRINGS FH36S (36) #5303


Original owner's first harp purchased new in 2001. Rarely played, tuned and maintained now and then. Harp is in like-new condition with a very minor ding to the base.  Made from beautiful highly figured bubinga rosewood, this harp has a full and resonant sound. Excellent price for a like-new harp!

Includes custom tuning key, red deluxe case and red/blue rings on tuning pins. 

This model is considered the front-runner in the Dusty Strings line of harps. The harp is at the HILA studio for anyone interested to see and play. 

Bubinga rosewood
36 strings: 1C - 6C
Height: 51" from back of harp
Weight: 31 lbs
Includes full Loveland levers, ergonomic tuning key, red and blue accidental rings and a CD36 deluxe red carrying case.

Asking price: $4,800.00