This listing is written by certified harp technician, Karen Gottlieb. The harp was recently regulated and inspected by Karen for the owner. Taken by its excellent condition; Ms. Gottlieb felt that this harp is a perfect option for anyone in the market for a new or slightly new Salzedo pedal harp. 

This 5 year old Salzedo harp shows beautifully, has been extremely well cared for and is in virtually perfect condition! The harp was purchased new in 2015, specially selected by the San Francisco Symphony harpist, Doug Rioth at Lyon & Healy Harps in Chicago. The harp has NEVER been moved from its current address for the past 
5 years. 

Of importance, the harp has a truly wonderful sound - huge, even, brilliant and very resonant. The harp is structurally in excellent condition with no twist in the neck or any movement in the sounding board and base frame. There is NO clicking in the mechanism or rivets. The harp has a large space for the right hand in the top octaves, which make it very comfortable to play. This is a professional quality instrument - a bargain for someone looking for an almost new Salzedo at a reduced cost. 

The harp has just been restrung with Bow Brand guts and tarnish resistant wires - red Cs, black Fs. It received a full inspection and regulation by Karen Gottlieb, Lyon & Healy Certified Harp Technician on Sept 23, 2020. The harp is ‘good to go’! 

Finish: Natural 
Height: 75.25"  
Width: 39.75"  
Soundboard width: 22”
Weight: 85 lbs. 
Price includes a black Lyon & Healy dust cover

ASKING PRICE $28,000.00