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Built in 1998, this lovely lap harp has a nice even tone and is in very good condition; no cracks or visible signs of damage, only a few small dings on sides and on the knee of the neck, common for an instrument of this age.

Made from walnut wood with spruce soundboard, the harp includes a full set of Loveland levers, a tuning key, a complete set of replacement strings and a Sherpa-lined carrying case.  A fun small harp with a very Celtic look. 

Walnut wood
25 strings: 3.5 octaves G-C (3 notes below middle C - 3 octaves above middle C)
Height: 36"
Soundboard width: 14"
Weight: 10 lbs
Includes, full Loveland levers, a set of strings, tuning key and a Sherpa-lined carrying case.

Asking price: $875.00

Payment by cash, check or mobile payment service made payable to the owner.  Shipping available, purchaser pays all costs.

This harp can be seen and played at the HARP IN LA studio in Pasadena, CA. For more information or to come to the HILA studio and play this harp, please contact HILA at or call (818) 495-4652.