Purchased new in 2000, this harp is a lovely traveling companion for any harpist, or as a first instrument for a young student. 

Levers on C & F strings only. Solid sapele wood soundbox and laminate soundboard. Nice, clear and bright tone. Very minor dings on column and side of soundbox. The harp is at the HILA studio for anyone interested in trying it out.

Dusty Strings Allegro Harp #5081
Sapele wood
26 strings: 1G - 5C
Height: 45.5" at back of harp with legs
Weight: 16 lbs with legs
Includes C and F Loveland levers, standard tuning key, misc Sylvia Woods music books, electronic tuner, full set of strings, removable 12 " set of legs and CD26 deluxe red carrying case. 

Asking price: $950.00