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Original owner’s beautiful Dusty Strings  FH 36B maple harp, played
professionally for 15 years, has a bright, sparkly, resonant sound.

Though built in 1993, in July, 2019, the harp had its square back sound box and soundboard recently replaced with a new FH36H “hybrid” stave back, along with all new eyelets, new strings and a full regulation, all by the manufacturer.

Due to its sound box modification, the soundboard veneer and sound box are of a lighter hue but will age as the rest of the harp over time.

There are some very minor scratches on the column, the neck, and a few dings and scratches on the feet of the harp, normal for a harp this age.

The harp comes with a CD36 red deluxe Dusty Strings case, a partial set of strings, a standard tuning key and a custom-made travel freight case. The red case has some cat scratches, otherwise in usable condition.

This is an extremely fair price for a well-restored, almost like-new instrument.

36 strings: 1C - 6C
Height: 51" from back of harp
Weight: 31 lbs
Includes full Loveland levers, ergonomic tuning key and a CD36 deluxe red carrying case and custom-made travel freight case.

Asking Price: $3,600.00

Payment by cash, check or certified check made payable to owner. Local interest preferred. Harp can be seen and played in North Hollywood, CA. For more information please contact the owner by text preferred at: (818) 471-2550.